Judicial Case Management, LLC. offers premier private Probation/Supervision/Case Management service to Courts with one main goal, sentence completion. These services provided by JCM will always be governed within the boundaries of Federal, State, and Local laws and most importantly within the constitution. JCM is always mindful of each defendant's constitutional rights and will always diminish and remove any liability to the client court and or City/Town. JCM provides services at no cost to the court and is an offender paid program. JCM operates via one-time $10.00 dollar set-up fee and supervision fee on a monthly basis between $35.00 and $30.00 per month to monitor financial conditions and any other conditions set forth by the Court.  JCM has a history of practices of decreasing the supervision fee for the offender to assist with the court ordered payments, encourage successful termination, and to give them financial relief if requested. JCM waives supervision fees on all cases that the defendant has been identified as indigent with the court and has policy and procedure in place to identify any others as indigent. JCM offers a variety of avenues for reporting options with our offenders to promote successful completion. If the offender has no driver's license and or no means to report to us then we will report to them to ensure that they can meet the financial obligations of  the court and or any other conditions set forth. On any minor traffic violation cases referred and addition to the time the court gives the defendant to pay imposed fines/cost, JCM offers an additional 14 days to pay case in full without an additional supervision fee. JCM will never use neither bad nor nasty tactics and or threaten it's offenders with jail time for failure to meet financial and any other conditions set forth by the court.  JCM functions with a successful formula that significantly increases compliance and completion rate. We currently are operating with Municipal Courts in the State of Alabama, but can function under any type of Judicial Courts in the United States. JCM has a Professional Liability Insurance with Employment Practices Liability Coverage that insures our services and Client Courts in the amount of One Million Dollars.


At Judicial Case Management, LLC., outstanding service is at the heart of everything we do. We offer advice and support for every process and structure within the Court from short-term measures to long-term cases referred. We provide complete and sustainable management tools. JCM focuses on more that just financial conditions imposed and ordered by the court. JCM directs and promotes that defendant's be employed, obtain GED, obtain Trades/Work skills, Treatment (Alcohol, Drugs, Anger Management), Reinstatement of License, and most importanly positive guidance and encouragement to be a productive law abiding citizen. JCM is fueled by these management skills and thrives off of the thanks and praise received from our clients/probationers.


Over the years, we have earned a reputation for excellence in the field of Case Management. JCM is successful for one reason only, and that is because each Court Case Manager represents the community with a sense of humility and dignity. We are in this business to help people and that is what is most important.  Our unparalleled advice, backed by experience and expertise, sets us apart from all other private probation companies.


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